Are you a “Ju-liar?”

We’re now in July, a full 7 months from the beginning of the year.

Yeah, it has flown in.

It seems like only yesterday my facebook book feed was full of “New Year, New Me” memes.

But what has really changed?

For those that planned to lose weight for summer, how much did you lose?

Have you kept it off or returned to the usual routine?

For those that posted about returning to training, did you?

How often are you making class?

Is it regularly or just when it’s convenient and fits with your busy schedule?

And what about those career changes that you were going to make?

Did you take action?

Really my question is, have you achieved what you resolved to do?

Or are you a “Ju-liar”

All is not lost, you still have time.

There are still 5 months of the year left.

That’s 5 months, where with a little work, you can turn it around, make the changes so that when 2020 comes isn’t the “Same Sh!t, Different Year”

Ah, I hear you, “What have you done in 2019?”


I may not have posted resolutions, but I knew I had work to do.

I’ve lost weight, over 20 kilos and managed to stay on track keeping it off.

Even spending a month stateside didn’t affect me, amazing with their portion sizes and Barrette’s cooking.

I’ve been working on my CPD, continuing professional development, and done a few courses to improve myself.

Self improvement through learning and education is something I openly promote to all my instructors and I try to lead by example.

I set my self new goals every year, often doing totally new subjects or taking myself out if my comfort zone.

But it hasn’t all gone to plan.

I’ve let the blog slip a little lately but on a positive note, I have posted more this year than ever before.

I still have some stuff to do but I never claimed to be perfect.

And as I said, I still have 5 months left.

See you at class…


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