How flexible is your training?

Having just finished my 3 month trip Stateside, I finally have time to write again.

I received an email while I was away, which is the foundation of this post.

Long story short, the person had attended a seminar where, as part of a discussion on kicking, I had talked about improving balance.

I showed how balance could be improved through the use of partner stretching.

They emailed asking how they could train without a partner and what equipment they should buy to achieve similar results.

I love how training practices have changed over the years, it has been improved by the use of technology and the application of sport science.

There are machines designed to work every muscle in the body.

Just go online, you’ll find loads of sites all offering different answers to your flexibility problems.

Quick and easy solutions with their equipment and 4 monthly payments.

I could probably make a fortune endorsing them but they are expensive and usually end up occupying valuable closet or garage space.

So what should you do if you want to train on your own?

I would recommend that you add Yoga to your daily routine.

Not only does Yoga improve your balance, it will greatly improve your flexibility.

Because Yoga works with your own body weight, it reduces the chances of injury while increasing muscle endurance and core strength.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it looks.

You’ll probably find it highlights gaps in your current training regime, usually things you hadn’t even considered.

The combination of movement and breathing, increases blood flow throughout the body.

This allows you to continue training around injuries which in turn promotes recovery.

I can’t stress this enough, using Yoga as part of your daily training, will make you a better martial artist.

You could also use Yoga to improve your social life by gettingĀ friends and family to join you in a non-martial activity.

Yoga can help with weight loss and mobility issues.

Finally, practising Yoga is a great way to battle stress and re-focus the mind.

If you would like advice on how you can add Yoga to your training, drop an email to