Practice and Sacrifice..

As an instructor I have been lucky enough to teach at events across the UK, Europe and the U.S..

One of the key questions that I’m asked is:

“How do I get better at..  ”

Ok, the end of the sentence might vary but the basis of the question is always the same.

I reply with one word:


Whether you are a student who is struggling with a grading or a competitor working towards their next tournament, the answer is the same


It’s not rocket science, if you want to play guitar, then you need to play guitar.

If you want to improve your kicks then practice kicking

If it’s martial arts in general then get to class and TRAIN.

There is no quick fix, martial skill requires repetition.


I have been training over 30 years, it has cost me a small fortune and probably a couple of relationships, to get where I am.

I have missed important events, birthdays, weddings and funerals.

And I’m sure I’ll miss even more in the future.

It has been said I’ll be late for my own funeral cos I’m too busy teaching or talking about class.

But it’s who I am and those close to me get it, they might not understand but they get it.

After all, it’s the choices I have made that makes me who I am.

There is not a month of the year I am not traveling to seminars, competitions or teaching.

I make no apologies or ask forgiveness.

Martial arts is my life..

But I also understand the other side of the coin.

Not everyone shares my feelings or level of commitment. But if you aren’t prepared to put the work in, don’t expect success.


It is harder to train every night, than please partners by staying home.

It’s harder to maintain fitness and cut weight for competition than go out socialising.

It’s easier to watch your team playing football than make classes.

But when all is said and done, it’s your choice and you’ll do what you do.

So back to the question that was posed at the beginning..

If you want to improve then you need to TRAIN.

No excuses, no stories, no bitching and start making class. There are no short cuts or secret techniques.

Only TRAINING and PRACTICE will deliver the results you want.

I love a beer with friends but no beer has ever given me the buzz I get from success.

One last thing before I go..

Someone I respect deeply for their commitment to their own training, told me that the Gracie’s had a saying above their door:

“SACRIFICE – Giving up something good in the pursuit of something better”

See you at class..


Why I’ve been quiet..

It was pointed out to me, in a concerned email, that it’s been a “wee” while since I’ve posted.

So I thought I better tell you all what I’ve been up too.

There have been some major changes in the way we do business.

We have invested in two new online learning platforms.

The SBA platform is for martial artists.

It has been set up as a study resource for members of the association, both in the UK and internationally.

At present it’s still in its infancy but eventually it will hold our entire syllabus in video lesson format, available to stream on any smartphone or mobile device.

We asked students what else they would like to see and  have added sections on general fitness, diet and nutrition.

In the fitness section, we have instructional videos, including yoga, weight training and kettle bells, to help students increase their fitness away from class.

We have a wide selection of diet plans to suit a variety of goals, these are available for members to download for personal use.

Over the next few months, we will be adding an “Instructors Only” section.

In this section there will be access to courses and resources on teaching, marketing and additional revenue schemes.

All the things that instructor’s need to open and successfully run a full time business.

The site also contains footage of seminars hosted with instructors, going back nearly 20 years.

The second platform we’ve put in place is specifically for the training business, GSG Training

The site has over 20 compliance and business courses run through a state of the art learning management system (LMS)

All courses can be studied and completed online, at the learners pace, allowing them to plan their studies to fit even the most demanding of schedules.

Covering subjects from conflict management to GDPR, our courses cover the mandatory training, employers are required to provide.

Both platforms are fantastic resources for our learners and will only get better with time.

If you are interested in a free demo of either platform, please email me at

Speak to you soon..