British Justice..


“Fury grows at murder arrest of 78-year-old who ‘stabbed to death burglar in house raid’”

This is one of many headlines making the rounds on news and social media.

Now if you know me, you’ll know my background and that I’m an strong advocate for Self-Defence.

But too many, especially people who should know better, are jumping on this bandwagon and claiming this is outrageous.

I agree..

It is outrageous, outrageous that people are furious about a man being arrested on suspicion of murder.

Suspicion of murder.

The police are an investigational authority, they are tasked with collecting evidence. They arrested the “pensioner” after the burglar had died.

So let’s look at the facts.

There was a young man killed by a stab wound, found on a public road.

Should there be an investigation?


Does the ages of suspects matter?


Should the suspect be arrested?


The police have to do their jobs, they haven’t said he is guilty. He has been charged and is innocent until proven guilty.

He has the law on his side, the crown has to prove it was murder to a jury of his peers.

If the situation is as reported, he has a good case for self-defence.

If, as has been alleged, he was protecting himself, his wife and his property, under the current CPS guidelines it might not even make it to court. It all depends on the evidence being reviewed.

As a self-defence instructor I have spent many years teaching the law.

It is important that we all understand the law and our rights under it.

Please take the time to read up on it, don’t be outraged or furious without understanding the facts.

Mark Dawes is one of the UK’s top authors on Self-Defence and an expert on the use of force.
His book on “Understanding Reasonable Force” is available on Amazon.:


Or take a look at the guidance given by the CPS.

Or why not contact me directly at

I run Self-Defence workshops and courses at venues through out the UK.


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