Life is hard..

Life is hard.

It is full of challenges.

We have to compete in every level and aspect of our lives.

Everyday some new problem presents itself to hinder our progression towards our goals of happiness and success.

To often people just give up when things get tough, they get overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed.

This has happened many times in history. Inventors often give up on their theories, while others take it further and succeed.

So what has changed, why do we now quit so easily?

I’m not sure but maybe it’s the way we have changed our societies mindset.

Food is instant.

We no longer fear the weather.

We now believe the marketing hype that life is easy.

Everyone is a winner.

Everyone believes they are supposed to be successful. Hell, it’s our birthright to be rich, successful and happy.

Modern education systems compound this feeling of entitlement by giving everyone a medal for participating.

There is no need to train or study, you will get the same for doing nothing.

The consequences being, we are creating adults ill prepared for reality.

When they finally reach the real world and fail, they have no back up plan or ability to problem solve and just quit.

This happens often in martial arts, people believe they should be progressing quicker than they are. This leads to frustration and anger then ultimately to failure.

Often we’ll get a natural athlete come to class. They pick up the techniques quickly and sail through the grades.
But when they hit a stumbling block or training plateau, they aren’t used to working through it and just quit.

Sometimes, it can be issues with parents.

Pushy parents believe their childen should be progressing faster and achieving more.

They blame the teacher, the school or other students but not their child. They forget that lessons need to be practiced away from class to become a skill.

Martial arts are skill based activities. It takes time to learn skill.
Lessons are often difficult and the learning curve varies greatly from student to student.

Remember, we are all individuals and living things grow at their own pace.

Not everyone will make it to 10th Dan, just as not every job will make you a millionaire.

Life is hard but we can still enjoy the journey. If we work hard, we will rise to our full potential.

That is true success.

Find happiness at whatever level you finally master and be proud of what you have achieved.

In NLP, we have a saying.

There is no such thing as failure only feed back and progression.

See you at class..



2 thoughts on “Life is hard..

  1. G says:


    Would you say technological advances, social media specifically, has a contribution to this trend of ‘entitlement’ you so accurately identified and referenced?

    • G, I’m not sure.
      The advances in technology has definitely accelerated our access to everything, from communication and information through to shopping and fast food delivery.
      Whatever you need you can get almost instantly.
      No longer do you need to wait for gratification, even money is available on demand.
      No more waiting until you have saved for what you desire, get it now on the never never, with your loan lasting longer than the products warranty.

      Social media could well be blamed for procrastination, it’s easier to live an exciting life online than experience life in reality.

      Facebook is about liking and commenting, Snap chat highlights your dietary expertise and physique. Then you have which, as an old man, I just don’t understand.
      People voice opinions on anything and everything, especially criticising the posts of their friends.
      Feeling that their opinions carry more weight than anybody else’s.
      Which is ironic considering the volume of opinions voiced on any given day.

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