A Travelling We Will Go..

So the New Year is moving quickly on, nearly a quarter of the way through and time to get moving.

I hate standing still, I love working on new ideas and projects, most of which requires travel and networking. I try not to accept invites to teach through the winter months, as the weather in the Highlands isn’t the best. But come spring my feet start to get itchy and I need to get away.

This is something I try to promote at class, I encourage students to do other things.

Unfortunately, many instructors look at things differently. For whatever reason they stop students cross training.

I want my students to try other classes and styles. Each instructor is unique, the journey through the arts is a personal one, individual interpretations of a technique can change a student’s perception of the lessons being learned and variety is the spice of life.

From local clubs and associations to international events there are no restrictions as to who my students can train with. This swings both ways, anyone is welcome to walk through our door.

With this in mind, I contact all the groups and instructors we are involved with and ask for a list of upcoming events. Every December I post a calendar giving information so the guys and girls can plan and save.

This promotes a social side to our classes that students really enjoy.

Over the last 10 years we have travelled to events throughout the UK, Europe and the United States. Students and their families get involved in both the planning and fund raising, bringing everyone together.

I truly believe that instructors and students should make the effort to attend external courses and events. The benefits of personal development cannot be stressed enough. You get the opportunity to see places you might never have got to see. Making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Too many groups are becoming insular, only attending events run by their own association which feature instructors from the same clubs. This is a bad thing, instructors need variety in their lives or they will go stale. It also gives instructors the chance to network, discuss techniques and business strategies.

Besides, if you attend events you are increasing the potential audience for products, services and events you host in the future.

So March sees the beginning of our travelling season.

This year it is kicking off with TAMMAA, a bi-annual event hosted by Adam Illidge in Penkridge.

Held over three days this multi-style event is open to any student or instructor regardless of rank or affiliation.

There are lectures on business governance and law on the Friday night, these are free even if you don’t attend the rest of the weekend. All they cost is your time.

The SBA has attended TAMMAA events since 2012 and would recommend them to anyone serious about training.

Hopefully we’ll see you there, if not in March in November..

Here is a short video about the event


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