Expectations of an Instructor..

I posted on a previous occasion about surveying my students to see what they thought of class. It started of as an exercise in marketing but ended in a personal look at training.

lets start with a question:

“How was class?”

A simple question but we seldom ask it. Feedback is important for students and instructors.

Do you know why your student trains? Well I looked at that in my last post, if you haven’t already, please read it after you have finished this one.

The other side of that question is why do you teach?

Well there are as many reasons as there are stars in the sky, I’m not going into my reasons but it is something every instructors should think about.

This post is more about my expectations of class.

What makes class better for me?

Progression, I love to see a student change and improve.

That starts with students attending regular classes.

As individuals, the students need to attend to learn. They can’t improve their techniques by sitting on their couch. Of course I understand sometimes life can get in the way but instructors have lives too. They give up valuable time to teach for little or no financial reward.

Consider this, I have a family and two successful businesses, if I can make it with my commitments so can you.

For students to progress, they need other students to train with.

As an instructor, I prefer to teach principles over technique.

This requires students of different shapes and sizes to prove the principle works. There is a “Goldilocks” number, to many students and you can’t give a personal touch. Too few and you can’t teach what you need to teach.

The final key to progression is work rate. The more a student practices a technique the easier it becomes.

If the magic number for mastering a technique is 4ooo times. At an average of 100 repetitions per class, it would take 40 classes to learn a single technique.

But how many students manage 100 reps per class? How many have the mindset for that kind of training?

So to answer the question about making class better, students need to turn up and train hard..

Thanks for reading, hopefully see you at class soon..



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