How was class?

As it’s a New Year and we have so many new students, I thought I would take a little survey of what students think of our classes.

So I messaged all our students, even ones who haven’t attended in a while, to ask what they thought about class. What they like and/or dislike.

The responses I received was, on the most part, positive. Although there were some constructive criticisms and issues that I will be looking into.

I was shocked by one student, they posed the same question back.

I hadn’t really thought about it, should I have any expectations of students?

As an association, we are the ones providing the service. We should be concerned about the products we sell, customer service and value for money. That’s what modern marketing teaches us, it’s all about the purchasing experience.

But learning martial arts is different from buying a pair of shoes or a burger.

So my student asking me a question has left with two topics to discuss:

“Expectations of an Instructor”


“Expectations of a Student”

Watch this space..




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