Martial Arts – 6 Reasons to Learn

I know it’s been a wee while since I’ve posted, 2015 was a busy year..

I have been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, that’s longer than I have spent working in any single job or career. It is a passion, as anyone that has met me in person can testify too.

I have learned a lot through the years, met some amazing people and travelled the world.

But why am I writing this post?

Well it’s 2016 and many people are looking for the “New Year, New Me” or at least that is what they are saying on social media.

I hope that I can either inspire a beginner to look at the martial arts and the benefits they can gain from training or re-kindle the spark in a lapsed student who is looking for an excuse to get back on the floor.


The world we live in has changed greatly in the last 30 years, we now live a more sedentary life than at any point in recorded history. Our lives are ruled by our media access.

Hours spent watching computer screens, TVs and mobile phones.

Obesity is on the increase, this affects not only the individual but also our society and we need to address this before things go too far.

Why should I go outside and play when I can play on-line with our friends?
No matter your current level of fitness, martial arts will change your lifestyle.

You will lose weight and look better.

It helps you improve your flexibility, stability, endurance and strength. Training on a regular basis also helps change your attitude to life, making you more positive and outgoing.

It can even reduce the need for medication.

Reason two – SELF-DEFENCE

Violence is on the increase, knife crime is on the rise and everyone knows at least one person that has been physically attacked at work.

Whether it is due to the current economic climate or from fear of zombies, it is becoming more and more important to be able to protect ourselves, our families and property.

The Martial arts were designed around the need to survive and therefore they are the best resource available for learning self-defence. They have been tried and tested.

Instructors will teach you to defend yourself against both armed and unarmed attackers in a safe and controlled environment. As part of a class, you will get to train with attackers of different sizes and shape, giving you the chance to see what works best for you.

Dealing with confrontation and understanding the psychology of violence is a skill we all should learn.

Experiencing a situation before it happens for real, through class based scenarios, changes the way you will react. It can reduce the effect of fear and give you an advantage.


It is a sad fact that many people are lacking in self – confidence. They have a complete lack of belief in their own abilities, qualities and judgement. Learning martial arts can help you to overcome your fears.

The physical training will change your fitness and make you feel or look better.
Conflict management training will help deal you with confrontations and build self-esteem.

You will learn to work on your own and with others, helping you get over shyness or social anxiety.

You will learn to accept difficult situations and challenges, nothing is easy and you will need to work hard to progress.

You will get to see your own potential, too often we aren’t able to see what we could achieve.

Martial arts will teach you that success is earned by hard work and dedication and not due to luck.


Being disciplined in life is important. We need to control our words and actions to fit into society.

Many people are short tempered and lose patience which becomes violent at times. Martial arts training helps you to control your inner self and be in peace.

Martial arts will teach you not only about your body but also about your mind.
As instructors, we focuses on teaching you to respect and motivate others.

Controlling your base emotions like fear, anger and jealousy, will have a positive effect on your life. Once you start training, you will be able to feel the real calmness in yourself.

Self-discipline not only provides you with the ability to make choices, before defending yourself you need to defend your inner self by controlling your emotions, making you more accountable for your actions.


Nowadays there is an over emphasis on team work and while that is important, we sometimes forget that the individual needs to progress too.
Martial arts, is not about teamwork but about improving your individual personality.

No one else can do the work for you, no excuses the buck stops here.

When we talk about progress, people tend to look towards the end of a task to gauge their achievement.

Again martial arts is different, we focus on the distance you have travelled.

We look at the development of the individual, the changes to their technique and attitude. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Modern education tends to focus on the learning of facts and knowledge rather than principles. This means that most people have missed out on learning important life skills.

Martial arts will teach you these skills, you will learn about respect, courtesy, setting / achieving goals and how to focus on the job in hand in a complicated world.

If you learn and develop these skills you will be ahead of the pack and achieve success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post.

Martial arts classes can be found in every city and town, find one that is near you and give it a try.

I look forward to seeing you at the top of the mountain, whichever path you follow..

Speak to you again soon..



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