Leading the way..

Scotland seems to be leading the way on a lot of things just now.

We put in place a lower drink drive limit and it looks like the rest of the UK will follow suit.

Now we are setting the standard by becoming the first country in the world to introduce standard guidelines for dealing with concussion in sport.

I posted about this on Facebook this morning and have had a few people contact us for advice or just to comment..

Firstly, at present, we have no further info on the new guidelines but as soon as we have I will post an update to our mailing list.

If you would like to receive a copy, please register using the link below.

Secondly, I am shocked at some of the comments I have received.

People commenting that we are becoming a granny state, it is just another way to get money out of clubs and probably the worst one yet “It won’t change what we do”

I won’t name or shame but really if I was a parent with my daughter going to that class, I would be moving her somewhere else.

So I’d like to address the comments in detail..

I have never had any of my students die as a result of our training but,if I did, it would have a profound effect on me.

If following a piece of guidance on first aid can save a life, then I’m all for it, granny state or not.

As I’ve said, I haven’t seen the guidance but as a business in the UK, you should already have in place a risk assessment for first aid.

This should look at the injuries you could expect, from the nature of the business you carry out. Sport and concussion go hand in hand and this should have already been highlighted.

From a martial point of view, we should already have personal protective equipment and training in place to reduce injuries.

maybe we need to review the level of kit that the competitors wear and the training our staff get..

First aid is a must but better teaching, coaching and refereeing courses will help.

Unfortunately most sports clubs and associations won’t have completed a first aid risk assessment or due to cost, opt for a short, 1 day level 2 – EFAW or Sports First Aid, which doesn’t cover head injuries.

When asked, we recommend that all coaches/instructors have a full 3 day level 3 awarding body qualification in First Aid.

All our instructors are Level 3 trained, sure it costs more but I can sleep better knowing that I have provided the best level of cover for my staff.

And if you are one of the “it won’t change what we do” crowd, I hope you lose everything as your negligence could kill.

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Got to love those memes..

Memes are everywhere..

No matter where you go on the internet or social media, people are expressing their views with funny pictures and quotes.

Every now and then, one will make you think or stir you into action.

I saw this one on Facebook today..

no excuses
I shared it on my wall, got a few likes and a couple of private messages.

The meme says there are no excuses but if you consider:

– Family

– Work

– Relationships

– Money

– Time

– Age

– Fitness

I’m pretty sure we could all find a reason for skipping classes or a big enough excuse to quit.

Personally, I’d be lost without my training.

It’s my training that defines me as a person and, a part from the love of my parents, has been the single biggest influence in my life.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel, meet and train with people from all four corners of the world.

But nothing is for free, I couldn’t count how many nights out and family events I’ve missed or how much I’ve spent over the years.

No excuses.. No regrets..

I wouldn’t change a thing, I wonder how many people can say the same??



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