No such thing as a free lunch..

No such thing as a free lunch..

Just getting ready for our TAMMAA VI trip and I thought I take a break from the preparations and write a quick blog.

For those that didn’t know, I hold the position of “Director of Training” for TAMMAA and on the Friday night of every TAMMAA event, we offer open lectures on both Self-Defence Law and Business Start up and Governance.

These lectures are free to attend, yes FREE, to anyone that is interested. There are no requirements to attend the full event, no terms and conditions, no small print or catches. Hell, you don’t even need to buy us a pint!!

The first lecture starts at 7pm and lasts about and hour. We will look at self-defence law, the legends and the urban myths. Now I might be wrong but this should be of interest to everyone who trains in martial arts. We will also have time for a short Q & A session.

The second lecture should start about 8.15 and will deal with starting your own business and the laws that you need to look at when running a business in the UK.

Obviously this will be focused on martial arts and is suited more for club instructors or people looking to run clubs in the future. But it will have all the information needed for anyone looking to start up a business, regardless of the sector.

Again there will be time allotted for a short Q & A session.

Now for the title, “No such thing as a free lunch…”

As much as these lectures are FREE, you will not learn anything from them if you don’t hear them. So the cost is your time..

There are 24 hours in a day, that is all the time we have, nothing we do can change that.

It’s how you spend the time that counts.

So, will you “invest” your time and join us for the lectures and maybe learn something that could change your life or will you “spend” this Friday night like millions of others, in the pub or sitting on the couch watching TV..
Hopefully see you soon



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