So you are looking to turn your club into a business..

Just had a gentleman message me about this blog, he said he loved the last post, is joining Tsu ( ) and our mailing list but suggested I write an article about business governance, business start up and what a martial arts club needs to have in place.

He is a martial arts instructor and is looking to make his club a business. But he is struggling, as there is a lack of information on-line.

I pointed out my post on “risky business” and that we offer business advice through a free consultation.

He admitted he hadn’t read the previous posts and would get back to me.

But he has raised an interesting point.

So you are looking to make your club into a business..

Sorry but your club is already a business,If you are providing a service, you are running a business.

Too many instructors look at their clubs as a hobby. It may be your hobby but, whether it makes a profit or not, it is classed as a business.

Therefore you need to comply with the mandatory requirements for businesses set out under current UK legislation.

Governance is the key, You need to have all your boxes ticked.

As an association we take it all pretty seriously. The continued professional developement of our staff and instructors is high on our agenda, with courses and seminars run through out the year.

Every one of our instructors is Level 3 First Aid trained and has a Level 3 accredited teaching qualification.

We dedicate the free time over the festive period to specific instructor training, refreshers and skills evaluations.

As part of their CPD, four of our instructors are at present working on their Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training.

Every club in the association sings of the same hymn sheet, with a standardised governance pack issued whenever we get a new club/instructor come on board.

This includes:

– Health and Safety
– Control of Infection
– Safe Guarding
– First Aid
– Fire Safety
– Manual Handling
– Risk assessments
– Admin

If you run a business without the right paperwork you run the risk of prosecution.

Now as I have said, we offer free advice so give us a call.

If you would rather speak face to face, visit an event we are teaching at and we will spend time answering your questions.

Our next open lecture is on Friday the 17th of April at the TAMMAA Martial Arts Weekend in the Baron Court Hotel, Walsall.
This is free to attend, contact for details

We also offer lectures, seminars and workshops for other associations, if you would like us to attend your events we are more than happy to.

If you prefer to out source, we can supply governance packs, training and insurance, all branded for your club or association and ready to use.

Hopefully this has helped but if not or you have a specific topic you would like me to cover, send me an email and I’ll get in touch..
Speak to you soon



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Software, Apps and networking..

I’ve had a few emails in the last month, about the software, apps and networking sites I use in my business.

Rather than use my blog to promote them, I thought I would write a “Cheat Sheet” and offer it as a free report in March to all the subscribers on my mailing list.

Why wait til March/ We already have an excellent product in place for February, a free e-book on meditation, that compliments the exercise and diet reports we gave away in January.

It also gives people a little extra time to register.

But to keep you interested (or maybe to encourage you to sign up for the list lol), I’m going to tell you about a way you can start making money right now.

I know, we’ve all read the spam emails offering get rich schemes, make thousands for little or no work and no experience needed.. Hell I even know this general, in a little known country, in Africa that needs my help.

Yeah, sounds like bull$h!t right. And if it sounds to good to be true, then it usually is.

Well this one is really different. It is simple to use and costs you nothing. Yes you read it right, costs you nothing, no websites, no landing pages, no coding and no selling. If you can post on Facebook then you are good to go.

So what is this wonder that can earn you money? It’s called Tsu..

Tsu is a new social media site that pays you to post.

Unlike other sites, it splits the ad revenue with the people who generate interest.

If you post and people like it you get paid.
If people share your  post you get paid.
If they comment on your post, you get paid.
If it goes viral you get paid.

Obviously I need to put in here the usual financial disclaimer and say that not everyone will earn the same. If you spend hours posting and sharing then you’ll have a higher percentage of the ad revenue than someone who doesn’t and to be clear I’m not making any promises of riches or infering you could finally become financially indepent.

But you can make money with no start up costs or business acumen.

Ah but there must be a catch, surely nobody gives away money or the chance to make money for free.

Well it’s invitation only and to get you going here is your invite..

Feel free to pass it round..

Finally spending time on social networks can be a good thing and posting to your friends can make you money.

Speak to you soon



Don’t forget, if you want to get your hands on the meditation e-book for free or the business “Cheat Sheet” in March, join our mailing list at



It’s funny how things happen..

Tonight, on the way back from class, I was talking to my niece about the old days and the jobs I’d had. She was particularly interested about my time as a scientist in a bugs lab during the 90’s, She loves science.

I get home and on Facebook, two friends had posted different versions of the same poem, If by Rudyard Kipling.

A poem that that I first read while working in the lab..

I was living in Aberdeen at the end of the 80’s and I was lucky enough to have access to Sensei Ronnie Watt and 3 great book shops.

I wasn’t much of a reader at the time, something that will greatly surprise you if you know me now.

I used to “waste” time between college and the McClymont class by sitting in the Waterstones round the corner.

They had a cracking martial arts section and I spent many happy hours reading everything they had and when I started working in the lab, I spent a large chunk of my wages buying books to read on the bus travelling to and from work.

That was when I first read “IF”, it was in a book called “Zanshin” written by another great Karate instructor, Sensei Vince Morris.

Zanshin (ISBN-13: 978-0091751760) dealt with Martial Arts and Sport Psychology. Sensei Morris was the first author, I’d come across, to write about visualisation.

I suppose, looking back on it, it was my first taste of what I now know is NLP.

In one chapter, Sensei Morris quotes Kipling and says that “If” is probably the closest thing we have to a western version of Zen. This struck a cord with me and sparked my interest in the psychology of the arts.

For those that are interested, I have four passages that I recommend students read:

If – Rudyard Kipling

Our Deepest Fears – Marianne Williamson

The Invitation – Oriah
( )

The Serenity Prayer – Reinhold Niebuhr (

Speak to you again soon..