The influences that change us forever..

Hey folks,
Haven’t written a blog in a while so thought I’d better post one so you all know I’m still alive.

I’ve been a busy bunny, training with some cracking instructors, also have a few up coming¬†projects that you might be interested in but I’ll save them for another day..

Today I want to talk about influences..

I started martial arts back in the 80’s and the world was a different place.

We didn’t have access to all the training aids that are available today, but I do feel we had better influences.

We had great movies and corny TV shows and I feel the following generations have missed out..

Now at this point I could just list all the great movies that, I feel, should be required watching for every black belt candidate.

But I hate politics and that would lead to an argument, so I leave that to wiser men than me.

No, I want to mention the TV shows which influenced me.

So let’s turn the clock back, back to when we only had 3 channels and BBC 2 was a valued learning tool.

The first show I remember was the classic “Kung Fu”, with a little known actor called David Carradine, younger generations will come to know him as “Bill”.

It was such a great show that even Little and Large ripped it off on a couple of their sketches.

If I was to say “a monkey, a pig, a water monster, a priest and a horse, all go for a long walk”, you could be forgiven for thinking I was about to tell a joke but you’d be wrong.

It was the plot to the second show I watched.. “Monkey”

Although it has been remade recently as a movie, the original had class.

Next was “The Water Margin”, the adventure of Lin Chung and his band of bandits that fought injustices and the government.

Last, but by no means least, was “The Master”. Lee Van Cleef played a Ninja Master who was searching for his lost daughter.
Full of really bad stunt doubles and corny lines. This show was so cool it even managed to get George Lazenby to reprise his role as a British secret agent and get back into a DB5

In the spirit of these great shows, I leave you now , to bask in the shows of the past.

(Credits roll, while theme song plays, over long shot of me walking towards the horizon..)


Speak to you soon..



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