NLP Taster Day..

In my last post I mentioned NLP as a successful tool for customer service and improving staff relations.

We received many calls and emails, asking for more info on NLP as some people hadn’t even heard of it. What was really surprising, those that had heard of it were either misinformed or didn’t understand the differences in the products, counselling and courses available.

So in this post I’m going to hopefully increase the information available and help people make an educated decision about how they spend their money.

The first thing I would say to anyone looking into trying NLP, please think of the route you are about to take as there is a big difference between taking a NLP courses and NLP counselling.

NLP isn’t cheap, please spend your money wisely.

I truly believe that the majority of people enquiring about NLP courses are looking to “fix” problems in their own lives. For example to stop smoking, lose weight or deal with phobias. They look at a practitioners course as a “one stop shop”, a quick fix in one week, when really all they need is a few sessions with a well trained counsellor.

Would you go to college to be a mechanic when all you really need is a puncture fixed?

A NLP practitioners course is very intense, usually run over 7 days, with a lot of information to be retained. There is little or no time for tutors to spend with individuals, counselling on a one to one basis. This could leave you greatly out of pocket for a course that wasn’t really fit for your purpose.

Practitioners courses can cost you anything from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the duration and qualifications on offer. The course should give you the tools and information needed to set up a NLP business or practice offering counselling sessions to the general public.

Compare that with the cost of “one to one” sessions with an experienced counsellor, which may be as little as £40-£60 per hour.

With all that in mind, we put together a NLP Taster Day .

During the course we covered all the frequently asked questions including:
– What is NLP
– History of NLP
– Pillars of NLP
– Practical applications of NLP
– Exercises for “Goal Setting”, “Limiting Beliefs” and “Circle of Excellence”
– Progressing on your NLP journey and the courses that are available.

The first NLP Taster day was well attended and the feed back was amazing.

Delegates were given the chance to buy copies of “Understanding Quantum Thinking – second edition” by Mark Dawes.

For those that don’t know Mark, he is a world renowned author on NLP  and his website is well worth a look (

Mark kindly donated copies of his book to raise money for Ted Foulger and the charity “Bike Tours for the Wounded”.

For further details on NLP, counselling or to book a place on our NLP Taster days email

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Jedi Mind Tricks…

This is not the telly you are looking for..

In this blog I want you to look at your business from a slightly different angle, from the customers point of view.

Think back to the last time you made a large value purchase, how did you feel?

Let me tell you a quick story, after Xmas we went out shopping for a TV, we went round nearly every shop in town and finally found the one we wanted in Curry’s.

It was a large ticket item with a hefty commission and yet the salesman acted as if serving us was a chore.

He kept us waiting to be served then disappeared “through the back” to check stock levels and returned, nearly 15 mins later looking surprised we were still waiting.

After a quick check of the computer, which he did at the terminal he was standing by when I first approached him, he told us that the TV we wanted was out of stock and if we wanted to, we could order it on-line.

We did, but not from Curry’s.

How do you think we felt afterwards?

I doubt we’ll think of Curry’s in the future.

If you are in business, no matter the sector, the customer is key.

It is a well documented fact that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. New customers may increase your turnover but repeat business will be your bread and butter.
To retain customers you need good products or services and customer service.

I wouldn’t presume to question the quality of your products and services but how good is your customer service.
Have you trained your staff in customer care?

Can your staff build rapport quickly with customers?

Staff members need to have in depth knowledge of the product and service but to many technical terms could make the customer uneasy or put them off the purchase.

The trick then is to match the sales pitch to the customer.

This is done through language patterns and communication skills, using similar speech patterns to the customer will put them at ease and build rapport quickly.

Honesty about the product, weaknesses as well as strengths, will help cement the process and allow staff to find the a product which is fit for purpose.

Look at your training, does it include NLP as well as sales.

Adding NLP to your training can:

– Improve staff morale
– Reduce staff stress
– Increase Sales and turnover.

Happier staff will deliver happy customers

I know that staff training is expensive but how costly is the business you lose through poor customer service, how much business will Curry’s lose in the long run due to our disappointing shopping experience?

There are loads of training companies out there who offer quality sales and NLP training, it is an investment well worth taking..

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You might be interested in a free report, on alternative funding and investment, that we are offering to everyone who joins the GSG Training mailing list in February.

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