It’s TAX time again..

For those that are self-employed it’s that time of year again, when your tax forms need to be filed and any tax due should be paid.

But how many of you are actually self-employed?

Should you be?

I know many people who make money from their hobbies and yet think they are exempt from paying tax.

If you provide goods or services then you are a business, no matter how little profit you make.

Remember even charity’s register for tax purposes.

so if you..
– Loved baking, made cakes for friends and family but now take orders for birthdays
– Knitted baby clothes for friends and family but now sell them
– Sell at car boot sales
– Sell on Ebay
– Cleaning windows
– Cutting grass
– Teach a skill or hobby
– If you have a trade and do little jobs and “homers”

As a business you need to register with HMRC and comply with all mandatory legislation.

This means that as well as being liable for tax, you need to comply with Health and Safety, Fire Safety and First Aid as a minimum.

Your business sector may also have qualifications or licenses attached to the services or products you are supplying. If so it may be a criminal offence to trade without them.

You may need specific business insurance.

Your buildings and home/contents insurance might not cover you.

If you have people helping you, then you’ll need employer’s liability insurance as volunteers have the same rights as paid staff.

Tutors and teachers will need indemnity insurance and public liability.

It can even affect your car insurance.

This might all seem a bit much, especially if you aren’t making much money but it is the law and once you put the right paperwork in place it’s not that bad..

If you want some free advice on starting a business, registering with HMRC or info on any of the above, drop me an email to

speak to you all again soon



Now Xmas is past..

Well I thought I would leave the blog through the run up to Xmas, afterall everyone is posting on facebook about their family’s, friends and parties.
So I’ve waited til now to start again..

Ok so this posting is about what it takes to makes a good blog..

Seemingly the best blogs are written by people who have made their names as experts in their chosen fields. They then talk about their experiences and build a following. Once they have enough followers, they can make money off on-line advertising, Ebooks and promoting their other services.

Now making money has always been something that interested me and if there is a chance that I can make money from this blog from promoting our services, selling Ebooks or other products then I might as well give it a go.. lol

For those who don’t know me well, I have taken my hobbies and turned them into successful businesses.

From the martial arts which got me into security and door work, to the Thursday night karaoke nights which got me into the entertainment industry.

I have consider myself very lucky to have made money from the things I love.

Oh sure I’ve worked hard but it’s been easy to put the hours in as these were my passions. As my dad always said if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.

So here is my problem, I now have to pick something to write about.

It has to be something i’m good at but interesting enough to attract readers.

I love martial arts and have been studying them for over nearly 30 years, that gives me a modicum of expertise.
But sometimes the intensity of martial arts can put people off. They think it’s to violent or don’t have the hours of practice needed to advance.

And then there is KARAOKE..

I love singing but unfortunately karaoke has had it’s day.

With shows like the X Factor and the Voice, people now worry about sounding good rather than just taking part. I feel this is a shame as many people who enjoyed a weekend on the “mic” now sit at home watching others.

So that leaves me no closer to having a subject to write about..

Lately, over the last two years, I have found people asking for my help in running their businesses. From initial set up and governance issues in new ventures to staff training programs for existing companies. So it seems I may have stumbled upon my niche..

Which brings me to the title of the blog, Scottish Budo – Taking Care of Business.

I will use my experience of starting and running a business to hopefully attract a faithful following. Over the coming months I will try and provide you with advice on all the areas you need to start your own venture and eventually run a successful business..

This doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally blog about Karaoke or Martial Arts… lol

That’s all for now folks

Speak to you again soon..