Why? The little word that kids love to ask. Curiosity. The start of all knowledge and learning.


That’s the question that anyone, who truly knows me, will ask when they hear I’ve started a blog.

Yeah, I know my students have been asking me for years to write stuff down. Publish the myths of training in the old days or tell tales of seminar tours and how a people earned their nickname. But, apart from my guys, who really wants to read another boring blog of how great things where in the “old” days. Who am I to presume that my blog would attract a followers, so why bother?

Well lately I have been getting loads of emails and phone calls, asking questions about the stuff we do. Quite a few have asked if I could write a blog as they think the information would help others.

One person in particular has been “nagging” me for literally years, only this week I posted a comment on Facebook about an event in the news and he replied “BLOG IT!!”. (Cheers Mark lol)

OK, I have finally listened and on your own heads be it lol

So what will I blog about? Well I’ll probably just wing it from the questions I have been asked in the past. I will try not to be too boring or tell too many anecdotes.

I don’t promise to be articulate or spell things right, my grammar my be off and my typing terrible but hopefully I answer any questions or get my message across and help you look at the world in a different way.

That’s all for now folks,

speak to you again soon..